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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Video Trailer Full Film: "SHADOWS OF LIBERTY" by Jean-Philippe Tremblay ~ Nominated for Most Valuable Documentary Film of the Year at the Cinema For Peace Awards

Video of the film's Trailer

Film description by Jean-Philippe Tremblay
"Shadows Of Liberty is dedicated to journalists, heroes of our time, who give their lives and freedoms for our information, the pillar of our society. Presenting the voices that are not heard or given a platform is what Shadows of Liberty is about. This film attempts to inspire change and accountability by championing the idea of an independent media where truth and integrity are the norm, and not the exception. In the film, we tell the stories of award winning journalists who are confronted by government and corporations because they are offending these power by revealing their corrupt practices. These journalists are trying to do their job, to hold power accountable while the government and corporate powers retaliate by steamrolling over these journalists and try to take them out of the picture all together. "

Click here to watch conversation between WikiLeaks' editor-in-chief Julian Assange, CorpWatch's executive director Pratap Chatterjee, filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay, and the Bertha Foundation's director of legal advocacy Jen Robinson, discuss the disintegrating freedoms within the world press and media. Discussion followed the private U.K. premiere screening.


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