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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Video and Photography: In Memory of Tim Samaras ~ Capturing Thunder Storms with World's Fastest High Resolution Camera

Tim Samaras passed away in 2013 while chasing a storm, videos of his work. He and his son Paul were killed in the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado along with frequent partner on storm chasing adventures, photographer Carl Young. Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues at National Geographic.

National Geographic wrote, "A week before he died, he submitted what may have been the best, most complete video of a tornado being ‘born,’ in which he describes the formation as it’s happening."

Tim Samaras photographer and videographer capturing Thunder Storms with the world's fastest high resolution camera ~ Ultra High Speed Photography Images with Beckman and Whitley 192 framing camera, 1,440,000 frames per second, 6,000 revolutions per second which weighs 1,600 pounds and has a three-sided rotating mirror mounted on a rapidly spinning turbine driven by compressed air or helium.

Slide show about Tim Samaras' work by Carsten Peter

Talk: Extremwetterkongress 2012 - Tim Samaras über: Inside The Tornado

Video: Probes Capture Inside of Tornado

Unpublished Photos of Tim Samaras

Below images by Carsten Peter (click here for his Photo Gallery)